About Us

This foundation is to honor the legacy of our father, Victor Founta, a.k.a. Victor Futche (1920 - 2006). "Futche" is written in ngemba (mother tongue) as "Ffutche". His honorary name (in the Bamougoum kingdom) is Defoe Sufoe
Mr. Ffutche was born around 1922 in Kamkouop, a small locality in the Bamougoum village in West Cameroon. The language spoken in Bamougoum is called Ngemba, lietraly translated to "I am saying...". Ngemba is shared by 4 other villages in West Cameroon: Bansoa, Bafounda, Bamendjou, and Bameka. Mr. Ffutche and his sister, Ms. Martine Djichou were the two surving children of Mr. Temejeu and Ms. Metsefang.
Mr. Ffutche moved from the village to the city (Douala) when he was just 7 years old; and that's where all his 12 children were born.

His life was guided by three keys principles:
First, he strongly believed in the preservation of our cultural heritage. For him, our life must be rooted in culture and tradition for us to feel the balance and stability we all crave. He wanted us to cherish that culture and tradition; for they are our identity.
Mr. Ffutche never had a chance to get past the middle school; but he understood the importance of academic education and his dedication to the academic success of his children was second to none.
A community leader and the father of every child, Mr. Ffutche believed that as parent and elder, our responsibility is not only to be parent for our children, but to be parent and elder for every child that looks up to us, every child that reaches out to us, or every child that needs us. For everyone, he was simply "Dad".

The work of this foundation initially focuses on improving the life condition of the people in the Bamougoum village. This village of over 150,000 inhabitants lack the basic healthcare services and educational opportunities. Through healthcare events, scholarship opportunities, workforce training, etc., we hope to take on the things "Dad" cared so much about, for the betterment of the community he left behind.